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Turkish Hammam and Spa


Turkish Hammam and Spa


Steam, Bubbles and Bliss

Continental Hammam is an authentic Turkish steam bathing experience where ancient rituals and therapies provide relaxation, detoxification and sensuous cleansing. Group social bathing or private sessions are available in your luxurious warm marble cocoon. Signature rituals including relaxation / remedial massages available in our Sultan and Kasbah suites.

  • Essentially Steam
    Luxurious group shared session with heated marble and aromatherapy infused steam
    60 mins of bliss – $50 per bather

  • Steam and Bubbles
    Authentic group steam Hammam ritual guided by your Tallak Steam Therapist. Steamed, gently scrubbed, bubbled and massaged while cares bath away.
    60 mins – $ 70 per Bather

  • Hammam Signature Spa
    The ultimate private Hammam treatment. Relax in bubbles and steam on warm marble, followed by your choice of massages and treatments.
    120 mins – $180 singles/couples

  • Hammam Royal Ritual
    The ultimate total Hammam steam experience with mud or honey wraps, massage and organic facial.
    180 mins – $ 280 singles/couples

  • Relaxation, Remedial or Shiatsu Massage
    Relaxation, Remedial or Shiatsu Call now to discuss your requirements
    60 mins – $110
    90 mins – $140

“This lovely house is full of character and warmth – a peaceful place to relax and recharge. The on site hammam is fabulous, and the massage treatments. Delicious breakfast too. Thank you for having us, we’ll be back next year.”


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.